Woodcraft solutions

A wide and diverse range of machinery and plant is required for the conversion and processing of solid wood, the manufacture and care of machine tools, and the drying of sawn timber. EXPOBOIS is the ideal place to showcase your solutions where visitors can see them at work.

Wood panel products and veneers

Present your innovative machinery, plant and accessories for the production of wood panel products and veneers. Showcase your knowledge and expertise in the sustainable and efficient production of panel products.

Sector classification Machinery world - Secondary processing

  • Woodcraft solutions
    • Information technology ("Industry 4.0")
    • Carpentry, timber construction, timber-frame building
    • Woodworking machinery, technical applications for wood, renovations, materials, accessories, services
    • Technology for doors, windows, staircase and the production of flooring
    • Theme parks
    • Joinery and cabinet-making: Woodworking machinery, furniture production, interior finishing work and software
    • Stains and wood treatment
    • Standardized machines and plant for furniture production, cutting and machining panels, cutting and applying veneers, surface treatment and finishing.
    • Automation systems for the furniture industry
    • Assembly and packing
    • Systems for handling, storage and order-picking
  • Wood panel products and veneers
    • Production of chipboard, fibreboard, OSB
    • Production of chips and strands from wood waste, processing, press technology, transport systems
    • Measuring and control technology
    • Production of veneers, veneered plywood and laminated veneer board
    • Production of paper-based coating material