What will the factory of the future look like?

Bandeau Alliance


The industrial enterprise is facing new challenges. Customers are changing and so do their needs. New processes and new technologies allow them to widen their offer or to become more competitive in order to better answer their customers’ needs.
The factory is intergated to cities with which it interacts.
Human beings, in the center of it, are the key to its succes : collaborative spirit and lifelong trainings are critical. More than ever, environmental issues must be taken into account, from tool design to market placing.

Describing the industry of the future might seem difficult at the first look but it actually takes three words to get into it : Optimization, connexion, creativity.

At all stages of production, optimization means designing, producing, commercialising quality, customized, products that are related to a strong service concept, thanks to :

– efficient and collaborative design tools and methods
– flexible, intelligent, and clean means of production
– reactivity within the supply chain
– making the most out of personal and resources management

The industry of the future is connected at every level. It stays in close contact with its suppliers, partners, and customers, and in its factories, augmented technologies connect workers to machines and to different data sources. Equipments communicate between each other and with the exterior.

Lastly, The industry of the future is creative, whether for the products and services it provides or the materials and processes it works with. Its creativity also expresses itself in its business models, the way it deals with resource planning and its own organization, in order to meet customers’ needs and to enhance the work conditions for its workers.

How to start your project ?

The Industry of the Future identified six « competitive drivers », discussion topics around which companies will be able to analyse their situation and structure their modernization approach : – Connected objects and the Internet of Things – Advanced production technologies – New approach of Man’s position at work – Connected, controlled and optimized factories and automated production lines – Integrated customers and suppliers relationships – New social and economic models.

Once this analysis has been conducted, SMEs will be able to start their project relaying on « technological fundamentals » identified by “L’Alliance”, among which :